Mirror Installation Requirements

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GeneNetwork Mirror Installation Requirements



Items Minimum Recommended
CPU 1GHz, 1 core 2GHz, 2 cores
Memory 2G 8G
Disk Capacity – Code 50G 100G
Disk Capacity – DB 180G 360G

Operating system

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or Rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


CentOS 5

Service package / software

  • Apache: httpd 2
  • MySQL: MySQL 5
  • Python: Python 2.4.3


  • Install operating system (just operating system, don't need to install Apache, MySQL, Python, and so on).
  • Disable SELinux.
  • Give us an account with sufficient privileges.
  • We will install everything by SSH access.


  • We prefer to have one dedicated server for GeneNetwork website.
  • We need account root or general user account with permanent "sudo/su" privilege, and access servers by SSH.
  • To set up GN, we definitely need sudo/su access to install dependent packages, SVN, copy MySQL files and Python source code files, chown, chgrp, chmod, modify GN config files, etc.
  • Disable SELinux.

Installation Instruction

  • You can download the installation instruction of the GeneNetwork from [1].


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